The secret from Praia da Luz and Madeleine McCann

What happened on the thirth of may 2007?
This is how it started, the McCanns went on Holiday to Praia da Luz about a week earlyer. The day they moved in they were already spotted by some one who was searching fore such a chance.
She dissapeared from an appartment in the evening between nine and ten o,clock, appartment 5A.
The media time line is pretty correct fore what is happened that whole day.
The police time line makes maximum one hour difference s with that.
Strange how can that be?? The police is suppose to be correct.
Appartment 5A is a pretty bunker to steel something out of, if its locked or open makes no difference. A solid front door and around the back you have to climb the stairs and windows are pretty high to climb through.
The appartment was open that evening and there are no traces of burglary to get in. So the one who stole Madeleine probably climbed the stair to the balcony and went in through the balcony doors. He didn,t had a key.
Then how did he know that that those doors were open?? He checked them in the nights and maybe evenings before, and founded out that the McCanns mostly left those doors unlocked. As long as that is so then that person stayed in the neighborhoud of the appartment because as long as he came from outside Praia da Luz then he haded to go to Praia da Luz each time and could be recognized then. So that person lives in Praia da Luz or stayed in Praia da Luz fore that time. Why would he want to steel or abduct some one out of such kind of difficult circumstances fore were he ordinary could had taken some one from the street or beach?? It looks that Madeleine is something special in his eyes and fore him easy to get, no matter what kind of circumstances. He has the time he has the equipment he has the knowledge. That is strengthen the thought that he lives in the neighborhoud. So a LOCAL.
How did he do that. That evening there were three cars in Praia da Luz. One car comes from Albufeira and stinks to fish, one car comes from Alvor and one car comes from Lagos.
The person himself comes from Praia da Luz so no need fore a car.
So he finds out from the the appartment and from there he informes his mates fore when it is gonna be happening. Thursday evening the third of may.
The car from Albufeira is a white service car where they are supplying food to restaurants bars and hotels with and is gonna be parked on the fornt of the appartment were the fronts door is.
The car from Lagos is gonna be parked at the Smith sigthings.
The car from Alvor is gonna be parked behind the villa from Robert Murat to pick up the person who wants to abduct Madeleine and afterwards he drives to the Smith sightings.
Three cars three drivers but there is a fourth driver and he comes from Porti Mao.
He changes his car in Lagos and goes to Praia da Luz with the car from Alvor.
Its Thursday the third of may 20.45 hours, the car from Alvor arrives behind the villa. From there the driver goes to the alloway behind the villa to meet and from there they go to appartment 5A. Its nine o,clock as the abductor gets into the appartment.
At the same moment the driver from the car out of Alvor takes his position at the front door from the appartment, the blackhaired man as they exposed him on the drawing. Five minutes later the abductor in the appartment is disturbed because Gerry comes into the appartment and hides himself were Gonzalo Amaral says that that is impossible, behind the bedroom door. Gerry looks through the door sees that everything is olright and leaves. The abductor gets in action he opens the window takes Madeleine out of bed and shifts her through the window in the arms of the black haired man its almost 20.15 hours. That man leaves with Madeleine walking into the direction from Robert Murats villa were Jane Tanner spots him as he is crossing the street. From there he disappears. To show up again 45 minutes later at about 22.00 hours at the Smith sightings.
The abductor inside the appartment closes the window but leaves the shutters open. He stays in the appartment until about 21.45 hours. Why??? Because Madeleine has to be of the streets first then he can come out acting if he doesn,t now as long as they would spot him. Another thing that points to that it would be a LOCAL.
He still has to hide one time fore Jeremy Wilkins at about 21.30 hours.
In the meantime he underlines eather a bible on a certain kind of passage. At about 21.45 hours he opens the window again jumps out and goes to the stinky service car. In the meantime the blackhaired man has delibbered Madeleine and is on his way to the Smith sightings fore the back up plan because he was spotted by Jane Tanner. The stinky car has to delibber the LOCAL home and drives direction centre fore where they see the car from Alvor. There is something wrong so the stinky car drives up to the supermarket parking its 22.00 hours. The abductor steps out of the car and walks direction appartment 5A goes through the alloway to the front door comes back on his steps and goes standing against the wall near the ocean club. Its 22.15 till 22.20 hours. At that moment there is spotted some one against that wall by a woman. From there he crosses the street turns back on his steps and if he was searching and walks to the supermarket parking steps into the stinky car and drives to the parking place behind the villa and disappears.
In the mean time at Smith sightings a similar kind of man carrying a child is spotted by the family Smith, he walks to the car who comes from Lagos..
After that is all done the three drivers are driving to a place in Lagos to gather and to change cars and fore there alibi. From there it goes home to Porti Mao and to Alvor. So the car from Lagos is already home the man from Porti Mao drives immediately afterwards home with his car and at 5.30 hours the next morning a the couple is with a girl walking direction marina in Lagos to there car.
The stinky car goes that same evening immediately direction Albufeira
The whole doing fits with exactly with the media time line.
Who were those people????
The blackhaired man lives in Alvor
The man from Smith sightings lives in Portimao
The man from the stinky car lives in Albufeira
The man from the car from Lagos is Tuck Price
The Abductor is Robert Murat.
As long as you follow the media time line and the snifferdog route you land up with those. Starting with the snifferdog route, No one who was in the appartment is followed afterwards by those dogs. The abductor was not stinky as he went in to the appartment because the dogs didn,t followed that route they went straight from the front door to the parking place. As long as the abductor was not stinky when he came in then how did that trace became to exist. Its made upwards from the supermarket parking to the front door. Do you still now the man who stood against the wall??? Who is he??
Identified as Robert Murat.
As long as you follow the timeline from the blackhaired man then there is 45 minutes missing from 21.15 hours till 22.00 hours. Where did he stayed?? He has to go back to his own car but as long as you lay that line as that that he passes through the villa then those 45 minutes are fitting exactly.
So what really has happened started almost a year before. Robert Murat starts to plan the abduction from that moment. Reason his life became a failure he thought. And he is hiding Madeleine down under his garage. The entrance is in Jenny,s bedroom and there is another entrance to get under the addict to reach electrical devices fore cd d.v.d.,s etc. The story can be more precise but then its getting a very long story.
The official Madeleine McCann website Portugese police and government and the Metropolitan police are notified by me in all those years she is missing now so they know eather.