How the planet Tareas became born:

It was in about 1960 that i woke up on a rooftop chamber.
There were letters in the atmosfeer and they started forming the word Tareas.
It would be the name of a star or a planet.
I didn,t mind it any more and went to the nursery a year later.
From there to a elementary scool and then to a basic technical school.
Down under mathetmatics a count showed up 41.236.
That would be a size fore a star or a planet.
Finished that scool nice sacked on it but no problem.
The in 1985 i became living on my own an i was sitting in my window watching over the fields to the end of the horizon.
The Sun was coming up and i asked my self where would he went to.
From there i knewed that the Sun not only goes over the horizon but eather horizontal along the side of the horizon.
That is what he does in 365 days up and down from east till south and back.
So with those 365 days and and 360 degreeds i started counting on a atari 800 xl.
My first computer.
And what did i found??
Wright 41.236 Km this time.
From there my memory came back and i putted the name Tareas to it.
So the planet Tareas was born.
In those years from the sixty's till the eigthy's i met much more and i have build my own thoughts fore how planets stars the universe dimensions could be forming theirselfs.
And i start with nothing.
Will be explained in the next chapter.

Greatings Hans

Allright now the story of forming.

In these days lots of scientists are going out from the bigbang theory and inflation theory.
But as long as you are gonna work with nothing in that way then how can something gonna exist??
Something is not gonna explode out of it self.
And that is where they still have no explanation.
But allright as long as you don't change circumstances then you will be needing a influence.
Where would you gonna get that influence?
Simple by differencess, nothing is straight and bowed you know.
And differencess could be meaning movement and movement means changing.
Only there is nothing to move and it doesn,t now where to change into.
That is where you have to direct it to where it has to change into.
Then you stay stucked with the story then who directed the whole into stars and planets.
And that means that there was another form as first before the stars and planets.
Those forms are all hidden in nothing and are hiding those differencess such as distance, gravitational points.
The basic of those forms as simple as it can be is the same as the special rectangle on the first page.
That drawing is what you eather can expose as a volume so cube globe pyramide and symmetry lines.
There is much more but it takes to much space to go on philosophy about that.
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The explanation for Nothing

As long as nothing exists something can exist to.
Nothing is equal to unendless big and unendless small.
Nothing is unendless.
From out of nothing distance is equal to all directons. (A globe)
When their aint no distance then nothing is straight.
From out of nothing circumstances are equal everywhere.
Something cannot be in nothing.
Nothing can be in something.
From out of nothing something is excentric.
Nothing is centric.

My exposure fore nothing: